Who we are and what we do.

Founder and Creative Director, Lauren Steller

Lauren Steller is many things. A designer. A doer. A “play” enthusiast, not theatre, but the fun type of play! For Lauren, play is a way to break down barriers and spark confidence and meaningful connection. Lauren’s pursuit of play has been a lifelong interest. As a child she’d collect boxes, blankets and furniture from around the house and use them to build secret cubbies and caves for herself, brother and the neighbourhood kids. These weren’t your typical cubbies. The thrill of seeing others enjoy the spaces she’d create led her to study architecture. As a practising architect, Lauren observed the ways people inhabit spaces differently. The building is always the same but the way the individual connects, navigates and intercepts it is forever changing. We play by our own set of rules and this very behaviour inspired Lauren to develop her interest in play theory beyond architecture, launching her experimental and sustainable product range, Champ Co, in 2015. Lauren’s work is interactive, intelligent and fun. She invites us to not only think outside the box but open the box, use what’s inside, play with it and make it our own.

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